NORCAP Annual Report 2021

Published 22. Apr 2022
NORCAP collaborated with 50 partners in 76 countries in 2021 on issues ranging from election observation and peacebuilding to climate change adaption, anti-trafficking and child protection.

We worked with national authorities and civil society in countries including Afghanistan, Greece and Nigeria to strengthen their ability to manage local crises. We also focused on increasing access to clean energy and better enabling vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change in Africa and the Middle East. In Africa’s Sahel region, we worked with the UN Refugee Agency to increase access to education for refugee children and youth. We also monitored 12 elections in countries including Iraq, Venezuela and Zambia, supporting national authorities in improving their electoral processes.

Our focus is on continuously improving how we as part of the global community can protect and empower people affected by conflict, disasters and more broadly climate change.

With expertise in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors, we work with local, national and international partners to develop knowledge and solutions to better meet the needs of people at risk.

Learn more about our work in NORCAP’s 2021 annual report.