Neglected emergency

One year of war in Sudan

On 15 April 2024, the war in Sudan hits a sombre milestone. One year of war.

Over the past 12 months, violence has consumed the country and consumed civilian lives. 

More than eight million people have been forced to flee their homes, including 1.8 who have sought refuge in fragile neighbouring countries. This is the world's largest displacement crisis. 

The humanitarian crisis is unprecedented. 18 million people now suffer from hunger. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) fears a possible famine as the lean season approaches and food prices are skyrocketting.

What has happened during the past twelve months?


What is NRC doing? 

Throughout this turbulent year, we have been advocacting for the rights of displaced civilians. We are dedicated to helping people affected by war, protracted displacement and natural disasters by supporting their survival, protection and dignity. 

We are providing emergency assistance in the form of education cash, food and livelihoods support, access to clean water, housing and legal aid.

What are we asking for? 

All civilians must be protected and be able to receive the assistance they need to survive. 

We ask for the humanitarian crisis to stop being ignored. World leaders must no longer neglect the pressing and growing needs in Sudan and in the fragile neighouring countries now hosting Sudanese refugees. 

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