Yemen: Hoping for peace and basic services

Abdulaziz Shamsan, 43, is a father of four. He was forced to flee Taiz with his family in early 2021.

“The conflict forced us to leave everything behind and come to this area as it is safe. And that is our priority,” he says. “Before being displaced, I used to leave my family at home and travel to Aden to work there, but now we don’t have a home, it is only a tent. So, I cannot leave my family as before because it isn’t safe here.”

Having many displaced families in one location also means that it is difficult for everyone to find a job, having to compete for the little work available. It is not only the displaced people but also residents of the area who need humanitarian assistance.

“Were it not for the humanitarian assistance, our life would be worse,” he says. “Our hope for 2023 is to get enough basic services, especially food, shelter, water, and education. I’m also happy to see that Yemen is more peaceful this year. Peace and getting basic services are the dream of all Yemenis.”

A record USD 4.3 billion is needed this year for the humanitarian response to reach all the 17.3 million plus people who are in need, according to the United Nations.