Voices of refugee youth

Do you wonder what it feels like if you have to flee from everything you know and everyone you hold dear?

Eden, 20, from Eritrea, Hassan, 26, and Abdullah, 19, from Syria have sought refuge abroad. In their video blogs, they speak about how life is as a young refugee: What is it like for them to stay in a refugee camp? Where do they want to travel? Who are they in love with? What are their plans for the future? 

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Hassan, 26, from Syria, lives as a refugee in Jordan. Video: NRC
Hi, my name is Hassan. I am from Syria, but due to the war I am living as a refugee in Jordan. I would like to tell you about my life in Syria and how my life has changed after I was forced to flee. Follow my vlog!
Hassan, 26
Eden, 20, originally from Eritrea, is staying in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Video: NRC
Hi, my name is Eden. I'm 20 years old, and I have just graduated as a chef. One year ago, I fled from my home country, Eritrea. I fled because there is no future for youth there. There are hardly any jobs, we can't get an education, and we have little freedom. Now, I am living in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, but I have no plans of staying. I dream of owning a restaurant one day – preferably in Europe.
Eden, 20