A life on hold

Hassan had to flee from Syria. Back home, he had plans for his future. Now in Jordan, Hassan plans every new day on its one.

Hassan, 26, from Syria has sought refuge abroad. In his video blog, he speaks about how life is as a young refugee: How is it to stay in a refugee camp? Where does he want to travel? Who is he in love with? What are his plans for the future? 

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Hassan, 26, from Syria, lives as a refugee in Jordan. Video: NRC
Hi, my name is Hassan. I am from Syria, but due to the war I am living as a refugee in Jordan. I would like to tell you about my life in Syria and how my life has changed after I was forced to flee.
Video: NRC
There are no days without challenges.
Video: NRC
When my mum contacts my brother, we start going back to dark memories.
Video: NRC
When I go back to Syria, I'll be empowered and ready, and haven't wasted all those years of war.
Video: NRC
Then, we planned what we would do when we grew up, now it's different. I plan every day on its own.