Libya: Urgent funding needed to help victims of disaster storm

Published 12. Sep 2023
Statement by Dax Bennet Roque, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s country director for Libya on the deadly storm that has swept across Libya’s north coast:

“Our team in Libya is reporting a disastrous situation for some of the most impoverished communities along the north coast. Entire villages have been overwhelmed by the floods and the death toll continues to rise. Many families have lost all their belongings and search and rescue workers are looking for people missing. Tens of thousands of people are displaced with no prospect of going back home. 

“Communities across Libya have endured years of conflict, poverty and displacement. The latest disaster will exacerbate the situation for these people. Hospitals and shelters will be overstretched amidst the large wave of displacement.

“NRC is on the ground in Benghazi, and we are looking to work with local partners to provide much-needed relief, shelter, food, and drinking water. We appeal for a swift response and immediate funding from international donors so we can reach and provide support across affected areas.

“Humanitarian aid groups in Libya have been chronically underfunded. Now is the time to show solidarity with the people and help them on the long way back to recovery.”

Note to editors

  • The storm, named Storm Daniel, started on 10 September and caused damage to cities including Benghazi, Abyada, Shahat and Derna.
  • Entire villages are affected as the storm has caused heavy damage to infrastructure and roads while destroying two dams near the eastern town of Derna.
  • The death toll was put at 2,000 and is expected to rise as rescue operations continue.
  • Aid to Libya has shrunk over the years, with only a quarter of the needed funding for the humanitarian response met.

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