Venezuelans on the move in Colombia, after crossing from their home country. Photo: Milena Ayala / NRC

The world must not turn a blind eye to millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants on the move

Published 17. Mar 2023
Statement by Adam Combs, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s (NRC) regional director for Asia and Latin America, in response to the 2023 International Conference in Solidarity with Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants.

"Today's conference on the daunting humanitarian needs for the Venezuelan refugees and migrants across Latin America demonstrated that there is no lack of awareness and solidarity amongst the participating donors, the UN, and NGOs. But when it comes to concrete support on the ground, the Venezuelans in dire need of assistance and protection are severely short-changed.

“Only 37 per cent of the funding needed to alleviate the humanitarian needs of millions of people were allocated in 2022. The resulting limited access to humanitarian aid may encourage people to continue migrating through high-risk locations such as the notorious trek through the Darien Gap, where thousands face grave protection risks.

“Now in its eighth year, the Venezuelan refugee and migrant crisis has, with sad predictability, evolved into a protracted crisis and shows no sign of abating. Today, international donors said they wouldn't allow the Venezuelan refugees and migrants crisis to be 'forgotten'. We hope the donors remain true to their words. Without sustained and predictable support for host countries across the region, the situation for refugees and migrants across Latin America will become increasingly precarious."

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