November 2022: Food parcels and shelter kits distributed by NRC in Hrakove, North East Ukraine, which has been obliterated by months of bombing. Some 70 families remain, living without electricity or gas. The clinic, school and church were badly damaged. It was the second distribution carried out by NRC in the village. The previous one included hygiene kits blankets, bedlinen, towels, kitchen sets jerrycans. Photo: Myriam Renaud/NRC

Torvald Klaveness pledges NOK 16 million to victims of the war

Published 26. Jan 2023
Encouraging other shipping companies and businesses to share part of their revenue with victims of war.

The shipping company, Torvald Klaveness, has pledged NOK 16 million from its 2022 revenue to lifesaving assistance provided by the Norwegian Red Cross and the Norwegian Refugee Council. The funds will be spent on humanitarian aid in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries, but also in Somalia where a desperate situation has been aggravated by the war.

“We are extremely thankful for the generous gift from Torvald Klaveness. It will enable us to scale up lifesaving assistance in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries but also in Somalia where hunger is spreading because supply lines for grain from Russia and Ukraine have broken down,” said Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Jan Egeland.

“The consequences of the war in Ukraine have created great needs far beyond its borders. The funds will provide humanitarian aid and hope to people affected by conflict. In addition to the financial support, we would like to thank Torvald Klaveness for encouraging other companies to pledge. Contributions from corporates are essential to address the immense needs,” said Secretary General of the Norwegian Red Cross, Anne Bergh.

The gift to the Norwegian Red Cross and the Norwegian Refugee Council is additional to the support Torvald Klaveness has given to people in need in Oslo.

“After many difficult years in shipping, our sector is now profiting from increasing freight prices. These might be good years for shipping, but difficult ones for the world and Torvald Klaveness believes it is only right to share our revenue with Ukrainians and other victims of war through two of the world’s most renowned humanitarian organizations. We want to help people in conflict and crises affected parts of the world, where prices on basic commodities such as food and energy are soaring and encourage other companies within shipping and international trade to share part of their revenue in a similar manner,” said CEO of Torvald Klaveness, Ernst Meyer.

The Norwegian Red Cross and the Norwegian Refugee Council have large and effective humanitarian programmes reaching millions of people in need in Ukraine, its neighbouring countries and in countries hard hit hard by the knock-on effects by the war, including disrupted supply lines and expensive fuel, food and fertilizers.


For more information, please contact:

The Norwegian Refugee Council’s media hotline:, +47 90 56 23 29

The Norwegian Red Cross press service:, +47 94 87 29 99