Liliia Derkach talks to a Ukrainian family about NRC's information services. “Information is critical here,” she says. “People are confused. They want to know what it means to be a refugee, and what rights they have.” Photo: Ingrid Prestetun/NRC

Ukraine crisis: We are scaling up our response

Roald Høvring|Published 21. Mar 2022
The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is now scaling up its efforts inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to provide aid to tens of thousands of people forced to flee. Over the past three weeks, NRC has deployed additional emergency teams to Ukraine, Poland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

The situation for millions of people inside Ukraine is growing more desperate by the day. We are therefore organising food, water, sanitation, shelters, and legal support.

“Our brave colleagues are working day and night under extreme conditions to meet the growing needs of exhausted children, women, and men,” says Jan Egeland NRC’s Secretary General.

Sorin (left) is one of the committed volunteers helping Ukrainians who have fled across the Siret border crossing in northern Romania. Here he is pictured with NRC protection officer Liliia Derkach. Photo: Ingrid Prestetun/NRC


This is what we do:

In Ukraine

This week we opened a welcome centre and a soup kitchen with local partners in Lviv, western Ukraine.

In the coming weeks we will work to provide cash directly to thousands of displaced mothers and fathers so they can take care of the basic needs of their families.

We have started cross-border operations into Ukraine through neighbouring countries and has so far provided food and other aid supplies along evacuation routes.

Our teams are also providing information and legal assistance to help displaced people obtain protection and access essential services. More than 1,2 million people have visited our emergency Facebook page the last weeks. 

Kiril, 8, and Vitalina, 10, have become firm friends at this shelter for Ukrainian refugees near the Romanian city of Suceava. The shelter is one of the projects that NRC is supporting through its partnership with local NGO, Fight for Freedom. Photo: Ingrid Prestetun/NRC


In neighbouring countries

We are working with national partners in Poland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, to ensure Ukrainian refugees have:

  • A safe place to sleep.

  • That children can go to school.

  • That families can access existing national social support systems.

  • In the coming weeks we will work to provide cash directly to thousands of refugees from Ukraine.

  • Both in Poland and in Romania we are setting up transit centres to accommodate thousands of people per day.