Yemen: Sana'a flight cancellation a deep disappointment

Published 24. Apr 2022
Statement by the Norwegian Refugee Council's Yemen Country Director Erin Hutchinson about the last-minute cancellation of the first commercial flight out of Sana'a airport in 6 years

"We hoped that the first commercial flight in six years leaving Sana'a airport would happen today as promised in the truce agreement. We are deeply disappointed that it didn't happen. This would have been a first small but important step towards long-lasting stability in Yemen. It is also a life-saver for tens of thousands of medical patients who desperately need urgent treatment abroad.

"We hope both parties stick to their truce commitments, including allowing flights out of Sana'a airport and opening roads to Taiz and other governorates. The first few weeks of the truce have already allowed us to reach areas that were inaccessible for over three years because of the fighting. We hope to see more of these steps towards stability and a return to normality for the millions of Yemeni civilians."