Statement by Secretary General of NRC Jan Egeland on today's Nobel Peace Prize announcement

Secretary General Jan Egeland|Published 09. Oct 2020
"The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) extends very warm and sincere congratulations to the World Food Programme (WFP), an exceptionally worthy recipient for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize and an organisation with which we are proud to partner."

"Never has the work of humanitarian organisations been more critical than in the extraordinary circumstances of 2020. As the secondary impacts of Covid-19 propel hundreds of millions of people into hunger, emergency humanitarian food assistance and longer-term opportunities for self-sufficiency provided by WFP are absolutely imperative. They are the very lifeline that will keep people alive and help communities recover.

"The Norwegian Refugee Council is among many humanitarian organisations that benefit from the exceptional aid, ground logistics, air transport and telecommunications services provided by WFP, often in extremely challenging, conflict-affected environments.

"We highly value our partnership and hope that this award will stand to remind world leaders of the challenges that lay ahead and the humanitarian organisations that stand prepared to meet them. Funding and support must continue to flow from the world’s most privileged to those in most desperate need.

"We congratulate WFP and remain committed to working together to combat hunger, uphold rights and prevent food from being used as a weapon against the world’s most vulnerable populations."

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