Read caption Food distribution in Ngop, Unity state, South Sudan, March 2017. Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran/NRC

Statements from the Norwegian Refugee Council in relation to the launch of the UN Global Humanitarian Overview:

NRC|Published 04. Dec 2018

Statement by James Munn, Director NRC Geneva:

“It is deeply worrying that the humanitarian crises in the world today last increasingly longer, leaving many people’s lives in jeopardy for years and decades. The humanitarian assistance will never become anything but a band-aid solution, and what these people really need are for parties to the conflicts and countries with influence to sit down together and find political solutions paving a way out of the crises.  

At the same time, the international community must ramp up the humanitarian assistance, to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering. As a result of the many long-lasting conflicts, the humanitarian needs are only increasing, and the available financial support is not keeping pace, leaving many people in need without necessary assistance.   

The sad reality of the world today is that the international community recognises that about 132 million people will be in need of humanitarian assistance next year, but we only plan to support less than 94 million of them. And we know that the UN and humanitarian partners will not even receive the necessary funding to see this plan fully implemented.”

Statement by Alexandra Bilak, Director of NRC’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC):

“The global needs overview, and the extensive data behind it, which has been improved year by year, is enabling the UN and humanitarian partners to better plan and deliver assistance where it is needed. 

Never have we been better equipped with data and analysis to ensure a more efficient humanitarian response. Still, for the people on the ground, this comes as a meager consolation, unless the necessary funding is put forward to respond to their growing humanitarian needs.” 

Notes to editor:
  • The Global humanitarian overview is available here.
  • This year´s appeals are by the beginning of December only 57% funded. 

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