Ricardo Lobo, CashCap expert in Beira, Mozambique, talking to Elisa Pedro Manuel Malaua, who have just received her vouchers at a WFP distribution, as a response to the Cyclone Idai crisis in March 2019. (Photo: NORCAP/Ida Sem Fossvik)
Read caption Ricardo Lobo, CashCap expert in Beira, Mozambique, talking to Elisa Pedro Manuel Malaua, who have just received her vouchers at a WFP distribution , in response to the Cyclone Idai crisis in March 2019. (Photo: NORCAP/Ida Sem Fossvik)


Edited 07. Dec 2020
CashCap aims to increase the use and effectiveness of cash and markets programming in all stages of a crisis response: from preparedness and prevention to emergency and recovery activities.

We are currently looking for new experts to join our team.

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One CashCaper talking to representatives of two local partners at a voucher distribution. (Photo: NORCAP/Ida Sem Fossvik)
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What we do

  • CashCap offers the humanitarian and development community independent experts to support cash and market-based assistance in crises.
  • We deploy the right expertise to the right place at the right time. The experts provide support on technical issues, coordination and capacity development across all response phases and build bridges between the humanitarian and development sectors (NEXUS).
  • This leads to more coordinated, effective, and harmonised support to people in need, and helps governments and aid agencies tailor their assistance to the context.
  • Our work links global discussions, such as the Grand Bargain and Global Framework for Cash, with field practitioners across sectors, contributing to a more holistic response at country, regional, or global levels.

Read CashCap Strategic Plan 2019-2021 here.


This interactive dashboard shows CashCap deployments from 2016 to present. View status, year, region or country, risk ranking and other attributes.

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What to expect from CashCap
A CashCap deployment typically leads or supports a combination of the following:

  1. The development of a timebound technical project.
  2. Cash & Market Working Groups or other inter-agency bodies in a country or region.
  3. Mainstreaming cash in multi-sector coordination structures in a country or region.
  4. Strategic discussions and advocacy
  5. Capacity development on areas related to cash and markets.

More information on requesting CashCap support:

Request and deployment guide

Request form and terms of reference

Who we serve
CashCap is a specialised project which only offers inter-agency support, independent of agency-specific agendas. This ensures our experts are trusted as neutral by all parties involved. Therefore, any requests for CashCap support must have at least four sponsoring humanitarian and/or development agencies.

Who we are
CashCap is a part of NORCAP, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s global provider of expertise to the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors. It consists of a diverse range of experienced cash and market experts, supported by a full-time global response team and broad Steering Committee consisting of the Global Food Security Cluster, World Food Programme, UNHCR, UNICEF, Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Vision International, Action Contre la Faim, the UK Department for international development (DFID), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Federal Foreign Office, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, United States Agency for International Development, European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO). In addition, the Cash Learning Partnership is a technical adviser.

“Whether protracted, sudden onset, population movement or global policy environments, CashCap experts have consistently received appreciation for delivering professional value to the humanitarian community and affected populations."             
   Tim McInerny, CashCap expert
Beira, Mozambique (2019): Teresa Dolage holds up one of the vouchers she has received which gives her the opportunity to buy the items she needs from a local shop. The voucher is for 3.740 meticais (approx. $59) and the recipient has one month to spend the money. Most people spend it on food such as oil, rice, flour and ground nuts. (Photo: NORCAP/Ida Sem Fossvik)

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