Voters at the polling booth during the Tunisian Presidential elections. Photo: Bogen Sinderud/NORDEM

NORCAP is recruiting new election observers!

Published 07. Mar 2022
NORCAP is recruiting new election observers to join the NORDEM pool of election observers.

We are looking for people with a profound knowledge of and interest for democratic processes, international affairs, and Human Rights to join the NORDEM election observation pool. The candidates must have the right set of qualification, language competencies and personal skills. 

Here you can meet some of our election observers (in Norwegian).

The complete list of requirements is to be found in the vacancy. Apply here!

Recruitment process:

  • We will start the screening of candidates immediately. Early applications are welcomed
  • Long-listed candidates will be invited for a video interview. Questions will focus on motivation, professional and technical knowledge and personal skills. We expect candidates to be well informed of election observation methodology before the video interview
  • Based on the video interview, we will make a short-list of qualified candidates who will be invited for a second interview
  • Successful candidates will be invited for a mandatory one-day training on election observation methodology in Oslo

What does it mean to be part of the NORDEM pool?

  • We select election observers from the pool to go on international election observation missions. Every year, we have around 60-80 observers present at 15-20 elections around the world 
  • We expect our observers to be available for at least one assignment a year, both for short-term and long-term missions. Our missions include hard ship areas
  • It is important that the employer of the observers is informed and has agreed to grant the candidate leave for shorter and longer missions 

Terms and conditions:

  • NORCAP offers salary when on mission according to NRCs Compensation & Benefit Package. The salary range between NOK 46 877 - 57 142 per month, based on number of missions 
  • NORCAP offers a disruption allowance and risk allowance when relevant
  • NORCAP covers insurance, accommodation and travel costs during assignments
  • For more information: NORDEMs Conditions of Appointment

As an election observer with NORCAP you will: 

  • Be part of an engaged and competent group of colleagues
  • Take part in seminars, trainings and discussions on democracy and elections
  • Play an important role in promoting and protecting democracy and human rights worldwide

For recruitment requieries, please do not hesitate to contact us.