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Updated 24. Aug 2022

For the press: 

If you’re a member of the press, the NORCAP communication team can assist you with interviews or provide facts about our projects and programmes.



Collaborating with us: 

NORCAP collaborates with a wide range of humanitarian, development and peacekeeping partners across the globe, from multinational agencies to international organisations, from national authorities to local organisations. 

We have experts in a range of areas who work together with our partners, providing advice, analyses, training and other support. We also develop new projects with partners to address critical gaps in how our global community meets the needs of people at risk. 

If your office or organisation would like to discuss how our experts might support and improve your work, you would like to explore opportunities for collaboration on specific projects or thematic areas or you have any other questions about the work we do, please contact us at


Would you like to join our team?  

The recruitment of highly qualified and motivated experts is vital for us to maintain our position as a responsive and trustworthy strategic partner. We recruit experts several times a year, and our members are diverse in terms of nationality, language skills and gender.

More information about requirements for applicants and opportunities with us can be found here.

More information about our recruitment process can be found here.