From left: Benedicte Giæver (NORCAP) and Leni Stenseth (NMFA) signing the new framework agreement. (Photo: Mariken Bruusgaard Harbitz, NMFA)
Read caption From left: Benedicte Giæver (NORCAP) and Leni Stenseth (NMFA) signing the new framework agreement in Oslo. (Photo: Mariken Bruusgaard Harbitz, NMFA)

76 million to improved crisis response

Ida Sem Fossvik|Published 17. Mar 2017
NORCAP has signed a three-year framework agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “It is important to ensure quick and efficient access to competent and experienced personnel when a crisis hits, the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende, says.

The past four years have seen a historic number of crises in the world. NORCAP has responded to all declared level 3 emergencies since 2012 (presently in Iraq, Syria and Yemen), in addition to maintaining a focus on protracted and forgotten crises.

“This agreement gives us the predictability and flexibility we need in order to strengthen the work of the UN, regional organisations and national institutions. At the same time, we help protect lives and livelihoods of affected population and strengthen their resilience before, during and after crises”, says Benedicte Giæver, NORCAP Director.

The agreement is a continuation of a previous framework agreement and lasts until 2019. In addition to the yearly 76 million NOK, NORCAP can receive further support in case of new, sudden-onset emergencies. In 2016, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA) financed 257 experts in 62 countries, supporting partner organisations’ operations.

“Through the framework agreement, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributes to strengthening the international humanitarian system’s ability to handle large humanitarian crises, such as the crisis in Syria, and the famines in Africa and Yemen. I have met NORCAP experts in emergencies and seen the important work that they do”, Børge Brende says.