Owned spaces and shared places

Published 02. Dec 2019
Refugee access to livelihoods and housing, land and property in Uganda.

September 2019 | Issues of Housing, land and roperty (HLP) are complicated in Uganda, with its multiple land tenure systems, histories of displacement, and overburdened dispute resolution bodies. Ugandan citizens are challenged by this, and refugees are as well. Refugees in Uganda, both in urban areas and in designated refugee settlements, face additional challenges accessing HLP; they are often living in poor conditions, might be dealing with disputes, and they tend to have limited knowledge of their rights. 

REACH, in conjunction with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), conducted research on these issues, in order to develop a response-wide understanding of refugees’ relationship with HLP1 rights in Uganda, and their impact on potential durable solutions and livelihoods, so as to inform the refugee response.

Download the report below: