Amplifying the voices of Displacement Affected Communities

Published 20. Oct 2021
Perception survey on the relocation of displaced populations from Kismayo to Luglow.

In 2019, Jubaland State Authorities earmarked the Luglow site for the relocation of Displacement Affected Communities (DACs) that are currently dwelling in IDP sites at highest risk of evictions and flooding in Kismayo.

This report presents findings from a perception survey seeking to understand the intentions and preferences of DACs living in 29 high-risk camps on their possible relocation to Luglow. Understanding the needs, concerns and expectations of DACs in Kismayo through the perception survey is a key part of the government-led durable solutions strategy in Somalia, and vital to ensuring that DACs can take an active role in shaping their futures.

This study used a mixed methods research approach. Quantitative data was collected from 382 DAC households containing male and female IDPs and returnees. Qualitative data was collected from 21 focus group discussions were conducted with community leaders, representatives from host communities in Luglow, male, female and youth IDP and returnee communities in Kismayo, minority groups, landowners, and people with disabilities.

Additionally, 19 Key Informant Interviews with local and state government officials, representatives from UN agencies, International non-governmental organisations, Civil Society Organisations, and DAC community leaders took place.

The findings from this survey will inform the planning and design of the Luglow site. The recommendations are also formulated with the full understanding that their implementation must be a collective endeavour involving a broad range of stakeholders.