Briefing note

Documentation and access to healthcare for refugees in Lebanon

Published 16. Jun 2020
This paper focuses on documentary requirements at health facilities in Lebanon for Syrian and Palestinian refugees. During the Covid-19 outbreak in particular, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) monitors the potential impact of such requirements on access to healthcare and the support that legal actors can provide in this context.

The analysis is primarily based on information collected by NRC’s Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) teams from health providers and Syrian and Palestinian refugees supported through NRC programmes. NRC contacted 130 refugee households with persons with disabilities and a total of 81 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) and 26 hospitals in South Lebanon, Beirut-Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and North Lebanon.

Please contact NRC Lebanon ICLA specialist, Lianna Badamo ( with questions or feedback.

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