Amina Abdi Isack, a mother of six and internally displaced person, stands in front of her temporary shelter in Abdi Madow IDP camp, Baidoa, Somalia. Photo: Abdulkadir Mohamed/NRC

Open Letter to UN Member States on the Global Food Crisis

Published 20. Sep 2022
Against the backdrop of the escalating global hunger crisis impacting people in 45 countries, members of the Advocacy Compact on Famine Prevention and Mitigation, the ONE Campaign, and the SDG2 Advocacy Hub have penned an open letter and policy recommendations targeted at UN Member States as they gather in New York for the 77th UN General Assembly.

Calling on world leaders to take decisive action to end the global hunger crisis, the initiative has been signed by 238 organisations from 75 countries across the globe. We reiterate that there is no place for famine in the 21st century. The world must act now to save lives and prevent future hunger crises. In a world of plenty, leaving people to starve is a policy choice.

We call on world leaders to take urgent action to stem this crisis and prevent future food insecurity and famine:

  • Action is needed more urgently than ever before, to reach children and their families with life-saving support before it’s too late. 
  • The international community and national governments are failing to meet their duty and have prioritised political and economic interests over the wellbeing of the world’s most vulnerable women, men and children. 
  • To save lives NOW, world leaders must immediately deliver the funding needed to reach 50 million people on the edge of starvation. 
  • They must also support vulnerable countries and communities to build resilience and take action to anticipate, prevent and prepare for subsequent crises to secure the future, including by delivering much needed climate adaptation finance, reallocated Special Drawing Rights, meaningful debt relief, and redoubling diplomatic efforts to find peaceful solutions to conflict.
  • Famine prevention and mitigation, now and in the future, must be a top priority at this year’s UN General Assembly. This means providing enough, fast, flexible, multi-year funding to save lives now and a promise to work collectively to deliver on commitments to reach Zero Hunger and end hunger crises once and for all.

Read our joint appeal here.