Disappointing Yemen aid pledges

Published 01. Mar 2021
Reaction by Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, on the outcome of the international pledging conference for Yemen

“I am deeply disappointed that after all our warnings, indications show that world leaders today pledged less than half the US$ 4 billion that Yemenis so desperately need. This means continued massive cuts to emergency food, water, shelter and medical support. The shortfall in humanitarian aid will be measured in lives lost.

I told governments at the conference that I have just seen children who are already dying of starvation in Yemen. It is in their power to prevent full-scale famine, or forever have this stain on their consciences. So far, they have failed to act.

Yemen needs three things to avert a catastrophe: more money that we can use today; a famine-prevention ceasefire; and full access to people in need.”