Gunn Mariann Aase, child protection specialist with UNICEF, in Zaatari camp in Jordan (Photo: NORCAP/Åshild Falch)
Read caption Gunn Mariann Aase, child protection specialist with UNICEF, in Za'atari camp in Jordan (Photo: NORCAP/Åshild Falch)

How to join NORCAP

Published 16. May 2016
We are constantly looking for people with the right professional background, personal skills and motivation to join our rosters.  Would you like to be part of our team?

For NORCAP to maintain its position as a responsive and trustworthy strategic partner, the recruitment of highly qualified and motivated experts is crucial. Through close dialogue with partners, NORCAP is able to track humanitarian trends to proactively recruit experts within areas in high demand.

Selecting the right person is essential. Our comprehensive recruitment process allows us to assess both the candidates' technical expertise and interpersonal skills. All candidates are evaluated according to the same criteria to make the process fair and transparent.

NORCAP recruits new experts through three or four recruitment periods every year. Each recruitment is targeted towards certain areas of expertise, based on what is most in demand with our partners in the field. In some cases we also do off-cycle recruitment for specialised technical skills required at short notice.

All rounds are announced on the website, the NORCAP Facebookpage and Twitter-account

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Exclusive membership

Through our contributions over the years, NORCAP has become a robust standby partner and therefore attracts highly qualified and motivated applicants. Each year up to 1600 candidates apply to be part of our rosters, and around 10 per cent are accepted.

NORCAP's diversity in terms of nationalities, language skills and gender of roster members is a direct result of targeted recruitment activities. Fostering women's participation and promoting gender balance is one of NORCAP's key priorities.

With women making up about half of the roster members, NORCAP has a good overall gender balance. However, as a large percentage of the female roster members come from Western countries, NORCAP continuously works to attract female candidates from the Global South.

Competence building

To ensure that roster members stay updated in practical and theoretical skills and follow new trends in humanitarian response, NORCAP has made competence development a key priority.

The five-day introduction training course is an important component in familiarising roster members with NRC's expert deployment capacity, and the roles and responsibilities of the deployees to the UN and other partners.

Another NRC organised training is HEAT; the Hostile Environment Awareness Training. The HEAT training improves the security preparedness of NORCAP deployees.

NORCAP also coordinates trainings organised by UN partners and others for a number of experts every year.


For information on how to join GenCap, ProCap or CashCap, please click the links. 

Smiling children from South Sudan's Upper Nile State (Photo: NRC Rapid Response Team)
Read caption Smiling children from South Sudan's Upper Nile State (Photo: NRC Rapid Response Team)