Dawood Khan, Child protection expert, during his mission with UNICEF in Zimbabwe at a community event for positive parenting skills and psychosocial support for young mothers. Photo: NORCAP

How to join us

NORCAP, with its projects, depends highly on qualified, professional and motivated experts. With over 1200 experts, we gather expertise from all around the world, from first-time responders to senior experts with years of experience. Would you like to join our team?

We post all our positions and recruitments here!

We recruit new experts continuously. Each recruitment is targeted towards certain areas of expertise, based on crucial needs in the humanitarian, peace and development sectors. In some cases, we also do recruitment for specific positions required at short notice.

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Our experts

NORCAP is a world leading provider of expertise to the humanitarian, peace and development sectors. 

To maintain our position as a relevant, professional and reliable partner, our recruitment processes are crucial. It is a comprehensive procedure that allow us to assess both the candidates' technical experience and personal skills. All candidates are evaluated according to the same criteria to make the process fair and transparent.

Each year, less than ten percent of applicants become NORCAP experts.

One of our key strengths is the diversity of nationalities and language skills among our experts. A total of 101 nationalities are represented in our various projects and programmes.

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NORCAP experts Fernanda Baumhardt-Grojean and Carolyn Davis in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. Fernanda was deployed to IOM for a Communication with communities project in 2017. Carolyn was on assignment as a Communication with Communities expert with the Mixed Migration Platform. Photo: Amanda Nero/IOM