Welcome to our green shift reports launch!

Published 14. Jan 2022
Interested in clean energy solutions in urban displacement? Blended finance solutions to include the private sector in the humanitarian work? Or, what about ensuring green and clean electronic waste management in humanitarian settings?

Join our green shift report launch on 19 January at 14:00 Oslo time!  

The discussions on ensuring a sustainable green shift at all levels of international intervention have never been more relevant. During the UN climate conference in Glasgow last year, it was evident that global investment in the green shift must be scaled up dramatically. 

So, how do we succeed with the green shift?  


About the event

When: 19.01.22 at 14:00 to 15:30 (Oslo-time)  

Where: at Zoom 

At this event, we will launch the following 3 reports; read more about them by clicking on the link for each report:  

Electronic Waste Management for Off-grid Solar Solutions in Displacement Settings  
Blended Finance Solutions for Clean Energy in Humanitarian and Displacement Settings
Urban transitions: clean energy in urban recovery



Introduction by Benedicte Giæver, Executive director of NORCAP and Marte Graff Jenssen, Head of the climate and clean energy unit at NORCAP  

What will be the impact of the reported learnings and what will be the key areas to focus on to ensure a successful green shift?  

Panel discussion with the authors: 

  • Urban transitions: clean energy in urban recovery: Synne Bergby, Urban planning Expert, and Ida Lien, Urban planning Expert. 
  • Blended finance: Mark Gibson, Operational Lead / Senior Desk Officer, Global Platform for Action (GPA) on Sustainable Energy in Displacement Settings Division for Peace UNITAR, and Adam Ostaszewski, Energy data and finance Expert IOM. 
  • Electronic waste management: Elif Demir, GPA Planning and Coordination Lead



We know that a successful green shift is dependent on impact at scale. In 2021, we had some great achievements. But we have also experienced some key challenges that hamper progress, especially in localisation and bridging the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors – referred to as nexus. 

NORCAP works on strengthening the sector to better provide support to people in need. Sharing evidence-based knowlede is one way of support. Reading the reports will provide you with a thorough understanding of what works and what should be improved to succeed. NORCAP is today one of the largest providers of clean energy expertise to the humanitarian sector. In 2021 we had 34 people working with 8 different agencies at global, regional and national levels - within 18 countries. Additionally, we also had two consultants to the Syria/Lebanon humanitarian country team/resident coordinator. 

We would like to thank our partners and donors who have been part of developing these reports and the work we have conducted within our clean energy project.