Secure Access to Housing, Land and Property Rights for Refugees and Returnees - NRC’s HLP Pledge for the 2023 Global Refugee Forum

Published 13. Dec 2023
NRC, UNHCR and UN HABITAT have co-convened a Multi-stakeholder Pledge to advance solutions through secure housing land and property rights.

The pledge aims to enable a more predictable, equitable and sustainable system of response to HLP challenges faced by refugees, returnees and host communities and to increase the proportion of forcibly displaced women, men and children with secure HLP rights. It builds on promising practices that reinforce adequate housing as a human right and secure access to land as enabler of durable solutions.

The Multi-stakeholder Pledge on HLP provides an actionable framework for change and a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by displacement. Commitments can be made on the following five key areas of focus:

  1. Restitution of HLP
  2. Documentation of tenure rights to HLP
  3. Comprehensive strategies to secure HLP
  4. Material support for HLP initiatives
  5. Technical support for HLP initiatives

Guidance on how to join the HLP pledge can be found here.

NRC has submitted an individual pledge committing to support refugee hosting States and countries of origin in addressing the barriers to the enjoyment of housing, land and property rights for forcibly displaced women, children and men as cross-cutting imperatives for durable solutions and long-term development outcomes.

The expected impact of NRC’s pledge is:

“Securing HLP rights for refugees and returnees through direct support to affected populations and technical assistance to duty bearers.”