Safe and inclusive programming review consultancy

Published 29. Mar 2024
Review of the progress and lessons learned on SIP as a strategic initiative consultancy.

NRC is in the process of rolling out a comprehensive approach to mainstreaming protection across its programming interventions through ‘Safe and Inclusive Programming’ (SIP), which is the term that NRC uses to describe protection mainstreaming in humanitarian aid. Note, that NRC selected the SIP terminology to differentiate responsibilities for delivering programming that mainstreams protection (a responsibility for all humanitarian sectors, or NRC Core Competencies) from specialised or targeted activities (which should only be undertaken by protection specialists). It is the role of all sector/Core Competency staff to ensure to deliver safe and inclusive programming and it does not require a specific protection expertise. Rather, it is strongly linked to our commitment to deliver quality programming.

SIP is a foundational element to all our Ways of Working - It is about how we work, and what we do to make sure it is safe for people to participate in our programming. It ensures that our programmes respect certain standards, so they are safe, participatory, accountable and dignified for the communities and people we work with and for. It also encompasses mainstreaming of gender, age, disability inclusion, and diversity.

To this end, in 2021, NRC launched new Minimum Standards for SIP. In addition, the SIP work is a strategic initiative under the NRC Global Strategy 2022-2026. In these past years, NRC has developed different standards, training, and guidance to implement the SIP minimum standards. Since the work on SIP started, NRC has also strengthened other systems for quality and accountability, including around Community Engagement and Accountability, and Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms, the Core Humanitarian Standards, Safeguarding and generally risk and compliance. SIP has therefore become part of a bigger organisational system, than what was in place when it was conceptualised.  

Note that there are three workstreams of the SIP strategic initiative:

  1. SIP Minimum Standards (tools, guidance)
  2. Country Office roll-out of the SIP Minimum Standards
  3. Integration of SIP into NRC’s Ways of Working (institutionalisation)

This consultancy is a review of the progress and lessons learned on SIP as a strategic initiative, with the aim to provide key recommendations for the institutionalisation of SIP in NRC’s Ways of Working.  

Deadline for submission of interest: Sunday 14 April 2024 mid-night (Oslo time)