Research on the legal protection frameworks for People on the Move across Latin America region

Published 26. Jul 2022

NRC is seeking a consultant to undertake an assessment of the legal protection frameworks for people in “refugee-like situations” across the areas of NRC operations (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama) to provide a credible evidence-base for NRC to demonstrate the positive and negative impacts of current migration/protection policy arrangements and frameworks in place across the region, as well as inform new entry points for NRC’s legal aid programming across the region.

Proposed timeline

5 to 6 weeks starting early October 2022

Key deliverables 

  1. Detailed workplan and updated technical proposal and/or inception report
  2. An extensive (internal) report that presents a comprehensive overview of the legal pathways to protection and legal stay options in the countries mentioned-above (including own and existing research) for people on the move in “refugee-like situations”, listing the related rights and entitlements, provides an analysis of the barriers they are face in the process (highlighting prioritised concerns for specific groups or nationalities), and identifies concrete opportunities and methods through which NRC could proactively address these barriers in its programming and policy work.
  3. An external report (no more than 17 pages), including:
    • Explanation of the methodology and constraints encountered
    • Introduction/setting the scene
    • Essential and critical findings in terms of legal pathways to protection and legal stay options, and in terms of access to health, work, and education.
    • Documented examples illustrative of the key issues, themes, and dynamics observed, including where possible through visually compelling infographics etc
    • Clear and actionable policy recommendations to relevant national, regional and international targets. 

Proposals should be submitted by 22 August 2022 strictly through email address: robert.reece

Failure to meet the closing date and manner of submission will result in the proposal being rejected.

More details in the ToR and request for quotation below: