NRC Yemen: Tender for supply of NIFs items

Published 04. Jun 2021
Invitation to bid.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an International NGO with regional competence and expertise in working with displaced populations. The Regional Office is based in Nairobi, Kenya with Offices and operations in Somalia and Yemen.

Norwegian Refugee Council invites potential suppliers/contractors to apply to the following LTAs:

Reference Number

LTA Description

Bank Guarantee


NRC/YE/21/ 403

Supplying NIFs Items to NRC Yemen

10,000 USD



Manner of Submission:

Followings must be considered by all interested bidders:

  1. Interested bidders are requested to download the LTA documents from links above.
  2. Any request for clarification must be received by NRC in writing to at least 5 working days before the deadline for submission of tenders. NRC will reply to bidders' questions at least 2 working days before the deadline for submission of tenders.
  3. Tender must be submitted in sealed envelopes and indicate the reference number and location in the envelop cover. We look forward to receiving your tender sealed envelops as follwos (Financial offer – Technical offer - and the accompanying tender bank guarantee as per the above table.

Offers should clearly include the following:

  1. Company Valid commercial local registration, valid TAX card. (Technical offer).
  2. Documented experience & references from other similar transactions, companies, NGO’s, and UN agencies (Technical offer).

Validity of the submitted offer and to indicate implementation period in your respected offer.

  1. Net price for each item (Financial offer).
  2. Interested bidder must to provide items catalogue & samples as mention in the ITB in page number 3.
  3. Interested bidders must have a physical participation in Yemen under the company name.
  4. Bank guarantee with value 10,000 USD valid for three months as willingness proof to participate to NRC LTAs (To be submitted separately out of the financial & technical sealed envelopes).

Bids should be submitted in a physical sealed envelope as stated above to the Norwegian Refugee Council Offices in Yemen by 24 June 2021, before 03:00 pm (late bids will not be considered).