NRC Lebanon: Tender for research on Housing, Land and Property in areas affected by the Beirut Port explosions

Published 13. Jan 2021
Invitation to bid.

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On 4 August 2020, explosions occurred at the Beirut, Lebanon Port, resulting in large-scale damage to buildings and infrastructure, losses in lives, homes and businesses, and a disruption in the services provision of several facilities. It is estimated that the Beirut Port explosions directly impacted 291,180 individuals living in 72,265 apartments within three kilometers of the epicenter (UNOCHA, 2020).

In August, shortly after the explosions, NRC conducted a multi-sectoral needs assessment, covering Karantina and Mar Mikhael neighbourhoods. The preliminary findings were based on a survey of 280 buildings and 641 accessible apartments, including interviews with 506 households living in the affected areas.

Preliminary data showed that around 23% of buildings sustained moderate levels of damage and almost 73% have minor damages. The households surveyed (49.6% Lebanese HHs, 40.3% Syrian HHs, 10.1% other nationalities HHs) reported the following occupancy status: 30% owned property (all Lebanese nationals), 67% rented property (mostly Syrian nationals, some Lebanese nationals and other nationalities), and 3% were hosted. 85% of the tenants reported having rented the property after 1992, and 15% (mainly Lebanese nationals) reported having rented before 1992. 55% of the respondents (mainly Syrian nationals, other nationalities and some Lebanese nationals, renting properties) reported not possessing any housing document.

The research on housing, land and property rights in the context of the Beirut Port explosions will allow NRC to produce a new analysis on emerging HLP issues in an emergency setting.

The main purpose of the research is to achieve a better understanding of:

  • The dynamics related to HLP rights in the emergency context
  • The main challenges faced by affected property owners and tenants
  • Coping mechanisms and aspects related to security of tenure
  • Access to property damages compensation schemes
  • Emerging disputes
  • Complex HLP cases, and
  • Analysis on housing policies and the national legal framework.

The findings of the research will be oriented to inform key stakeholders, support advocacy actions, and inform NRC programming.

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