NRC Jordan: Tender for consultancy on Youth Programme Evaluation - Camps

Published 06. Jan 2021|Edited 05. Jan 2021
Request for quotation.


NRC Jordan office is seeking a consultant(s) with experience to conduct an evaluation for Youth Camps.

NRC Jordan provides services in the following sectors: Shelter, Education, Youth, Basic Needs, Livelihoods and Information, Counselling, and Legal Assistance (ICLA). 

Jordan is home to over 1.4 million youth and 70 per cent of the population is under 30 years old. This 'youth bulge' creates challenges in provision of youth services and meeting socio-economic needs, but also presents a potential 'youth dividend' to support Jordan’s development.

In order to respond to this situation, the NRC Youth Programme in Jordan supports young people gain skills and build relationships to pursue a variety of pathways including social engagement and volunteering, livelihoods, and further study.

The evaluation aims to learn more about the impact of the current NRC Youth programme on young people as well as the effectiveness and relevance of activities given the contextual changes in the camps. This learning will contribute to shaping the upcoming multi-year Core Competency strategy that the team will design in 2021.

Full details of the consultancy can be found in the Terms of Reference enclosed in below link.

Deadline for bid submission:
The deadline for submission of bids is on 25 January 2021. Bidders who do not submit their bids by this deadline will not be considered.

Complete Request for Quotation can be obtained by following this link, free of charge from 6 of January 2021 until the closing date on 25 of January 2021.

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