NRC ICT: Tender for a global framework agreement to provide VSAT services

Published 05. Oct 2021
The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has opened an RFQ process to secure a global frame agreement (GFA) for VSAT telecommunications services.

NRC is a humanitarian INGO established in 1946 and currently working in nearly 40 countries to aid those displaced by war and conflict. With nearly 8000 staff serving over 14 million people, NRC has ongoing strategic initiatives related to working in hard-to-reach areas as well as ambitious objectives to improve operations through digital transformation as well as to deliver assistance, where possible, by digital means.

In order to assist refugees and internally displaced persons where they are, NRC needs to be able to operate effectively in those locations. As back-office operations has moved to the cloud, utilizing services such as Office 365, Oracle HCM, Agresso by Unit4, Salesforce, and more, it is increasingly vital that each office has sufficient capacity.

Furthermore, we are seeing an increase in programmes, such as legal assistance, that are using online resources to reach the millions of people we serve. Adequate internet is no longer optional, it is vital to our operations.

NRC must select a VSAT vendor by the end of 2021 for several reasons including:

  • Current contract end-date
  • Increased minimum-capacity requirements for internet-based tools and services due to digital transformation
  • Ongoing lack of terrestrial options in many locations
  • Increased demand to improve quality of signal and service.

Please send a quotation or price list, requirements compliance, and any supporting presentation or materials in English to:

Deadline is EOD 25 October 2021. Late bids may not be read.

Download the full RFQ: