Consultancy Services: Research Study – Settlement-Based Approach (SBA)

Published 07. Mar 2023
Invitation to bid.

PR8100679/ Ref 23-Bei-0004

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. We deliver high-quality aid where needs are greatest.  Today, we work in both new and protracted crises across more than 40 countries, where we provide camp managementfood assistanceclean watershelterlegal aid, and education.

In 2018, NRC made a shift in its shelter and settlements strategy from emergency response to including more elements of urban and sustainable development by adopting principles of settlement-based approach (or Area-based approach as it is also known globally). The approach was piloted in small scale in Ozo neighbourhood in Ein El Helweh Palestinian Camp in 2019 and was expanded to a full-scale Settlement-based approach project in five municipalities from 2020 to 2022 (SBA phase 1 or Shelter IV project). The learning and evaluations for the pilot and full-scale phase 1 of the project were done internally in NRC. NRC will be implementing the approach for a second time on a full scale 2023 to 2025 in 8 municipalities (SBA phase 2 or Shelter V project). For SBA Phase II, NRC is looking to engage a research institution or group throughout the project timeline (2 years) to better document learnings and evaluate by an external party the effectiveness and impact of the approach.

With the overall programme goal that ‘Vulnerable communities have improved living conditions, access to adequate and safe housing, increased legal protection and capacity to manage disaster risks and emergency response’, the main purpose of the research is to study the impact of the programme on specific correlates and hypothesized outcomes. The research is to focus on measuring the impact of SBA approach in the targeted municipalities and neighbourhoods.

The complete tender dossier in the English language can be downloaded from NRC e-tendering website using the below link and before the deadline: 26 March 2023– 23:00 (Beirut, Lebanon local time).

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