Consultancy service for gender audit, NRC Palestine Office

Published 13. Sep 2022|Edited 30. Sep 2022
Request for quotation.

RFQ PSJ 21-2022

The office of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) invites your company to make an offer the consultancy service for gender audit NRC Palestine Office.

It is NRC requirement that all consultants, ltd or sole-trade, must be registered in accordance with the legal requirements at their base. The consultant must be able to submit documentation that proves that they are meeting all legal and tax obligation for the consultancy. If this is not possible, the consultant (sole trader) confirm by signing the Consultant declaration (Mandatory) that he/she complied with self-employment regulation in his/her country of origin.

Manner of submission
Please submit your quotation in accordance with the requirements detailed below by email to:

Deadline for submission of quotations is 13 October at 14:00h Jerusalem time promptly. Companies/consultants who do not submit their quotation by this deadline will not be considered.

Clarifications if needed must be received by NRC in writing to until 5 October 2022.