Consultancy: Safe and Inclusive Programming Minimum Standards

Published 01. Sep 2021
To support the roll-out of NRC’s new Minimum Standards for Safe and Inclusive Programming, we are looking for a consultant to help us develop training modules.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a non-governmental, humanitarian organization with 75 years of experience in helping to create a safer and more dignified life for refugees and internally displaced people. NRC advocates for the rights of displaced populations and provides assistance within shelter, education, livelihood and food security, information counselling and legal assistance, and water, sanitation and hygiene as well as protection. We work in crises across 31 countries, where we help save lives and rebuild futures. In 2020 we assisted more than 11 million people.

NRC is in the process of rolling out a comprehensive approach to mainstreaming protection across its programming interventions through ‘Safe and Inclusive Programming’ (SIP). SIP is another term to describe protection mainstreaming in humanitarian aid. SIP is a foundational element to all our Ways of Working - It is about how we work, and what we do to make sure it is safe for others to participate in our programming. It ensures that our programmes respect certain standards, so they are safe, participatory, accountable and dignified for the communities and people we work with and for.

Through Minimum Standards for Safe and Inclusive Programming we work to incorporate protection principles and promote safety, dignity and access in humanitarian aid. We are doing this by taking into account the following elements:

  • Prioritising safety, dignity and avoiding causing harm (preventing and minimising as much as possible unintended negative effects of our interventions)
  • Promoting meaningful access to assistance and services (paying attention to individuals and groups who may be particularly vulnerable and have difficulty accessing, including diverse age, gender, and diversity groups)
  • Accountability (ensuring appropriate mechanisms for affected populations to measure the adequacy of interventions, and address concerns and complaints)
  • Participation (of communities in our programming and empowerment of individuals to claim their rights)

To support the roll-out of NRC’s new Minimum Standards for Safe and Inclusive Programming, we are looking for a consultant to help us develop training modules.

Submission of interest
Interested applicants should submit the following:

  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • Cover letter including a description of the proposed process and a breakdown of total cost of the deliverable consisting of 4 pages maximum. Please include:
    • a top line work plan (detailing the number of days needed for each task)
    • overview of relevant existing international training on SIP/Protection Mainstreaming
  • Examples of relevant work
  • A proposed budget, including number of days of work and daily rate.

Deadline for submission of interest
Tuesday 5 October 2021 mid-night (Oslo time). Please send submissions to the Regional Safe Programming Adviser Ellen Gorris

In case you have any questions regarding this consultancy, please direct them to Regional Safe Programming Adviser Ellen Gorris

Please note one can submit questions until 29 September 2021 mid-night (Oslo time). All questions will be collected, and all answers will be sent to all of those who have sent a question, by 1 October 2021 noon (Oslo time).

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