Consultancy on Latin America Cross-Country Office Responses

Published 26. Jul 2022
NRC seeks a home-based consultant to focus on NRC's cross-country responses in Latin America

The Latin American (LA) region is facing several complex emergencies, including the internal and regional impact of the crisis in Venezuela, the humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict in Colombia and persistent high levels of generalized violence in Central America. These conditions combine to create some of the world’s highest forced displacement numbers. We are also seeing across the LA region increasing transcontinental mixed migration with an unprecedented number of refugees and migrants on the move across the continent in search of safety, international protection and/or better opportunities. 

NRC across the LA region started to explore how our advocacy and programme responses can better affect positive outcomes for displaced people across NRC’s countries of implementation.  Programme wise, NRC operates in countries of origin (Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras), countries of transit (Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala) and countries of destination (Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico) within the Latin America Region. 

NRC is seeking a consultant to focus on three specific geographic areas/areas of work:

  • NRC’s Cross-CO responses including: Area-based response linkages between Colombia and Venezuela; Area-based response linkages between Colombia and Ecuador
  • NRC’s Response to mixed migration flows across LA: response linkages between Venezuela, Colombia CO and North of Central America and Mexico CO (NCA&M) (“route-based”)

The consultancy is home-based with travels inside the Latin America region.

Experience and Qualifications

  • The ideal consultant(s) will have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in programme management positions in humanitarian/ recovery contexts
  • The ideal consultant(s) will have a proven track record organizing and leading programmatic workshops with multi-sectorial stakeholders for organizations delivering humanitarian programming
  • Excellent written and spoken English and Spanish are mandatory
  • Knowledge of the Latin America context is mandatory
  • Experience with NRC and with NRC’s range of Core Competencies, is desirable 
  • Previous experience with Cross-CO/Route-based programming would also be an asset
  • Ability and availability to travel in Latin America countries as for the conduction of workshops 


The objectives of this work are:

  • Map out existing programmatic linkages in each of the three above-mentioned geographic areas/areas of work
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for concrete programmatic co-ordination and integration for each of the three geographic areas/areas of work
  • Provide realistic and achievable recommendations and concrete actions to be applied to make the collaboration between COs effective in the short-term ensuring a more relevant NRC’s response. This would include the development of cross CO tools/methodologies for implementation as prioritized with CO teams
  • Provide further recommendations for the development of relevant “route-based” and cross-border response programmes
  • Develop a short briefing document for external partners to highlight concrete linkages between countries

How to apply 

Review the ToR and request for quotation below.

Proposals should be submitted by 11 August 2022 strictly through email address:

Failure to meet the closing date and manner of submission will result in the proposal being rejected.

Applications should include the following:

  • CV of the consultant
  • Cover Letter
  • Evidence/Sample of related previous consultancy reports/ evaluations
  • Technical proposal, detailing proposed methodology and work plan
  • Financial proposal, detailing consultancy fees, international travel, per diem, insurance costs and communication.
    • Any costs related to procurement and provision of equipment, material, services required to complete the consultancy should be included in the fees. No additional costs shall be charged separately.