Construction, rehabilitation, and replacement of sheep dipping tank water tanks, and public halls respectively

Published 01. Nov 2023|Updated 31. Oct 2023

Country: Iraq, Erbil

Advertisement date: 1 November 2023

Submission date: 21 November 2023 at 23:55 Iraq time

Funding: KFW

Reference number: ITB/IQ/23/017

Project title: Activating Market-Based Agricultural Livelihoods (AMAL)

Contract title: The Construction, Rehabilitation, And Replacement Of Sheep Dipping Tank Water Tanks, And Public Halls Respectively Tender

NRC is seeking a reputable, licensed company for the Construction, Rehabilitation, and Replacement of Sheep Dipping Tank, Water Tanks, and Public Halls Respectively. The company will be expected to have sufficient technical capacity and expertise to conduct this work in Iraq, Salahalddin Governorate, Tuz district.

No margin of preference is applied; the Bid is open to all eligible Bidders.

Bidding will be conducted by means of the National Competitive Bidding procedure with qualification as specified in KfW’s Procurement Guidelines (“KfW Guidelines”).

Tender download:
If your company is interested in participating in the tender, it requires you to download the Tender package, free of charge, using the following LINK.

For registration instructions, please check the Supplier Bid Guide attached to this tender Notice

Submission details:
This Tender is a Two-Envelope process.

NRC Iraq will follow the Two envelop process for this procurement. Therefore, please submit your quotation following the requirements detailed in the ITB.


  1. The Bid, as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the Bid shall be written in English
  2. Offers must be submitted through the eTB system, and before the tender deadline expires. It will not be possible to submit your bid after the deadline or outside the eTB system
  3. For technical questions about the system, please get in touch with

NRC IRAQ Procurement Department