Car Rental Services / LTA / 2 years

Published 12. Mar 2023
Invitation to bid.

NRC Ref# 23-Bei-0003/PR 48 455

TENDER PURPOSE: NRC is seeking to establish a Long Term Agreement with a reputable car rental company that has a minimum five years of experience in that domain, and can provides car rental services for two years.

ELIGIBLE BIDDERS: A Bidder shall meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in NRC procurement of Services:

  1. All bidding companies must be registered in the Ministry of Finance where a copy of the Commercial /VAT
  2. All bidding companies must be registered in the Ministry of Tourism for providing car rental services in Lebanon.
  3. The bidder has a minimum of five years of good working experience in the requested service in Lebanon.
  4. The bidder has the capability to deliver all the requested fleet within three weeks from contract signing.
  5. To fix the prices for two years and accept the return and exchange of vehicles during the term of the agreement without any penalty on NRC.
  6. The bidder should have the required type of vehicles and should have available number of vehicles to replace damaged or malfunctioning ones preferably within 3 hours to avoid service interruption.

For a more comprehensive and detailed bidder’s eligibility and contracting requirement, please refer to the ITB once shared with you.

TENDER DOCUMENTS: The Invitation to Bid “ITB” documents will provide all relevant information in details; description of service, date, time, and place for the submission of the Tender.

HOW TO REQUEST TENDER DOCUMENTS: The complete tender dossier in the English language can be downloaded from NRC e-tendering website using the below link and before the deadline:

Deadline to request the tender document is 24 March 2023.

Any request for clarification must be received by NRC in writing via eTB link available also in downloaded file 0_LINK TO UPLOAD BID.pdf before 28 March 2023, 13:00. NRC will reply to all registered bidders before 30 March 2023, 13:00.

TENDER SUBMISSION: Please submit your bid by uploading all files to the e-tender box web site - the link is included in the file 0_LINK TO UPLOAD BID.pdf, which you downloaded together with this tender package.

In order to avoid technical problems and disqualification of your bid, please reduce the file name length before submission and please do not zip folders and sub-folders because the file with too long name cannot be transferred between different Microsoft Clouds (submit or zip single files only). Files with the same file name cannot be uploaded twice.

After successful bid submission you will receive a confirmation e-mail from eTB system. If you need to re-submit your offer, please add #2 after Company name and only the latest submission will be considered.

CLOSING DATE: Deadline for bids submission is 4 April 2023 at 10:00 AM. All bids submitted after that date will be rejected.