Digital Access and Barriers in Displacement-affected Communities in Sudan

Published 16. Aug 2022
Results of a Connectivity Needs and Usage Assessment (CoNUA) by the Norwegian Refugee Council, the GSMA and REACH Initiative.

According to the United Nations, 14.3 million people in Sudan will need humanitarian assistance in 2022 due to numerous overlapping crises. 1.2 million are refugees, roughly 800,000 of whom have been displaced from South Sudan.

In a context such as Sudan, where protracted and sudden-onset crises often take place in highly insecure environments, humanitarian access can be extremely challenging and unpredictable. Although some of these challenges could be overcome by using digital platforms, digital humanitarian assistance remains underexplored in Sudan. This is hampered by a lack of evidence on current access to and use of digital technology among those in need.

These reports present the results of Connectivity, Needs and Usage Assessments (CoNUA) conducted in White Nile and West Darfur States in , Sudan, by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), supported by GSMA (and the REACH Initiative in White Nile). The findings highlight the degree to which displacement affected communities have access to and make use of mobile phones. It also explores key barriers to digital inclusion within these groups and what stakeholders might do to address these.