Corporate partnerships

Cybersecurity saves lives

“The work we’re doing can actually save lives,” says Mathias Grunfeld, Information Security Consultant at Watchcom Security Group.

Cybersecurity is often in the news and affects many organisations. Maintaining the integrity of our data systems and the security of sensitive information is therefore of crucial importance.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) receives and processes sensitive information about the people we assist. These are people fleeing from conflict and natural disasters around the world.

Protecting this information ensures the safety of these people and gives us access to critical information in a timely and safe manner.

NRC’s partnership with IT security company Watchcom is now entering its fourth year and the students that Watchcom employs, together with their mentors, make a critical contribution to the safety and integrity of NRC’s systems.

Watchcom is an important partner for NRC on a range of cybersecurity issues. The partnership enables us to use their technology and innovation to assist NRC in ensuring the integrity and security of our data.

“Cybersecurity is essential for us to be able to safeguard data and to not bring any harm to the people that we’re there to help,” says Pietro Galli, Director of Technology at NRC.

Guro Hotvedt from Watchcom is clear about the importance of the mission: “It gives us great value to help NGOs like NRC. We are able to use our expertise to help people in vulnerable and difficult situations.”

Watch this video to find out more about the partnership.
Watch this video to find out more about the partnership.