Private sector steps up to help

“The war in Ukraine has created a refugee crisis on a scale we have not seen in Europe since the Second World War,” says NRC’s Secretary General Jan Egeland. “An extraordinary crisis requires an extraordinary effort.”

We’ve seen an outpouring of support for our work in Ukraine, from individuals, governments and businesses alike. Companies across numerous industries have shown creativity in how they’ve supported our mission.

Whether through engaging employees with company-matched donation drives, holding fundraisers with customers, or lending expertise and tools, companies and their networks of staff and customers have made an important impact.

From all of us at NRC, thank you. Your support is helping us provide aid to tens of thousands of people forced to flee. Thank you for your generosity and help spreading the word about our work in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Victoria, 29, Sonia, 8, and Sonia's grandmother warm themselves after crossing the border into Romania. Photo: Ingrid Prestetun/NRC

Scaling up our response

To date, our corporate partners have donated over ten million US dollars to our work in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. With the help of this funding, we’ve scaled up the work of our emergency teams in Ukraine, Poland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova. These teams are working around the clock to meet the growing needs of displaced Ukrainians.

We have 90 staff actively working on responding to the crisis within Ukraine, with plans to recruit more than 200 in addition. We are organising water, food and cash assistance, as well as sanitation, shelter, and legal support.

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“Our corporate partners and the generosity of private citizens have been crucial to our efforts in Ukraine and neighbouring countries,” says Alain Homsy, NRC’s country director in Ukraine.

“Their support is helping us assist those whose lives have been shattered by the conflict. It’s been heartening to see such compassion.”

Innovating to make a difference

Funding is just one way our corporate partners are making a difference. Our partnerships also help us innovate. We rely on expertise and tools from our partners to help us reach our goals and better serve. Our partners have helped us with legal aid, transportation and logistics, as well organisational support for our regional offices.

A family who recently fled Ukraine receiving cash at our reception centre in Lublin, Poland. Photo: Jeanette Fogstad/NRC

Our digital community hubs are one example. People displaced from Ukraine are on the move, and trustworthy information is needed quickly. With support from our technology partners, we’ve rolled out digital community hubs that connect displaced people to NRC by SMS or WhatsApp and help them access basic information and receive cash transfers.

Become a corporate partner

There are many ways to get involved with our humanitarian response, and we encourage companies interested in maximising social impact to reach out at By supporting the refugee cause, businesses can take a strong ethical stand on one of today’s most critical global issues. Though the crisis in Ukraine is dominating the news cycle, crises around the world also need our support. Read more on the benefits of partnering with us.

Support us in Ukraine

Corporations can use the information below to donate by bank transfer.

IBAN #: NO59 8210 0465 007

Norwegians companies can use account number 8200.06.80008 and mark the payment "Ukraine".

To discuss corporate donations and partnerships, please email