Published 20. Dec 2016|Edited 22. Dec 2016
NORDEM, the Norwegian Resource Bank for Democracy and Human Rights, is NORCAP's civilian capacity provider specialising in human rights and support for democracy.

What we do?

NORDEM recruits, trains and deploys qualified personnel to international organisations and operations that work in the field of human rights and democratisation. We support several international mechanisms and collaborate with a number of organisations that provide civilian capacity. In addition, we offer advice, support the transfer of experience and contribute to research. NORDEM's expertise covers such fields as good governance, democratic institutions, independence of the judiciary, judicial and legal reform, human rights, election observation and election assistance. 

Deployments in Democracy and Human Rights

NORDEM contributes with personnel to help foster good governance, democratic institutions and rule of law, with The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) as our major partners.

Election Observation

NORDEM is the Norwegian mechanism for providing personnel to international election observation missions. We recruit, train and provide Norwegian election observers to the EU, OSCE and other regional and international organizations around the world.

Training and Capacity Building

NORDEM's annual courses on human rights, democratisation and election observation integrate both practical and academic perspectives. NORDEM also develops and conducts specialised courses.

Roster and Recruitment

NORDEM manages an expert pool of approximately 250 experts who have completed more than 2,000 assignments since 1993. NORDEM aims towards gender balance in recruitment and deployment. We arrange recruitment based on demand. Recruitments will be announced here. Non-Norwegian residents/citizens may occasionally apply for specific long term vacancies.

Nordem has contributed greatly to the promotion of the values that bring development and better lives for thousands of people, all over the world
Secretary of State, Børge Brende, in his speech at NORDEM’s 20 year’s anniversary in 2013