Children in a camp in Upper Nile State in South Sudan (Photo: NRC Rapid Response Team)
Photo: NRC Rapid Response Team, South Sudan

How to request experts

NORCAP deploys experts on demand to the UN, regional organisations and national governments. Find out how your organisation can request surge personnel to strengthen operations.

During a crisis or emergency, UN country offices often lack personnel to get the job done. 

NORCAP's standby experts are professionals, recruited because of their expertise in key areas during or after an emergency. Many have experience from working with other emergency situations and are trained to hit the ground running.

Our experts can strengthen operations during crucial phases of emergency response and help deliver in accordance with the needs of affected populations.

If your country office or organisation believes experts from NORCAP's standby rosters would improve the delivery of humanitarian aid and services to affected populations, please follow these steps:

  • Identify your needs and personnel gaps
  • Consult your organisation's standby partner focal point at headquarters
  • Submit your request for expert personnel through your organisation's focal point

If you have any questions, please email us. 

Make sure your request includes the following:

  • A precise description of the type of personnel needed
  • Reason for the request
  • Descriptive Terms of Reference in an attached document
  • Length of desired contract period
  • Starting time of deployment
  • Relevant background information

Download the NORCAP request form to see what information you need to submit.

To request CashCap experts, please see the CashCap communication note

Requests for GenCap experts. For any questions, please contact the GenCap Project Manager

Requests for ProCap experts. For any questions, please contact the ProCap Project Manager