Read caption NORCAP expert Bintou Diallo with local community representatives putting in place a rainwater-measuring device. Photo: Mina Weydahl/NORCAP. April 2018.


NORCAP is a global provider of expertise to the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors. We build partnerships with international organisations and national actors to protect lives, rights and livelihoods.

In today's world, conflict and insecurity combined with climate change, disasters and state fragility create complex crises with massive humanitarian consequences. Weak capacity and lack of coordination prevent international and national actors from addressing these problems consistently and effectively.

There is often a shortage of personnel with the right experience and skills, who can implement projects, provide technical expertise, develop unbiased analysis and coordinate assistance. To move forward, international and national stakeholders need to have the capacity to perform functions, solve problems, and achieve objectives. 

NORCAP provides expert personnel and collaborates with international organisations and national partners to identify capacity needs and to establish common goals and projects. 

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  • We partner with international organisations and national actors to reach common goals. We support the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding communities in finding common solutions and coordinating better. We deploy experts through inter-agency projects like GenCap, ProCap and CashCap that strengthen the overall support of multiple agencies. We partner with national and local stakeholders – including governments – to help them take a more prominent position in crisis management and meet their international obligations in terms of human rights and sustainable governance.  

  • We promote more effective ways of workingBeing independent of specific operational and sectoral agendas or interests, our experts are well positioned to promote change and more effective ways of working. They help increase inter-agency and intersectoral coordination and introduce new and innovative approaches. For example, NORCAP works to make cash transfers an effective tool in humanitarian and development responses. 
  • We deploy experts to strengthen and develop the capacity of partners. Since 1991, we have deployed experts on more than 9,000 missions. We match the right person to the right mission at the right time. Our experts help strengthen capacity, solve problems and improve coordination and collaboration.  
At the heart of NORCAP are our excellent roster members. They are hardworking experts who build capacity and improve the humanitarian coordination and response. They are the ones who make a difference on the ground in challenging and complex working conditions.
Jan Egeland, Secretary General




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