Behind borders and walls: ensuring internally displaced people are not left behind

Published 16. Mar 2017



NRC Displacement conference 2017 | 24 April 08:30 – 13:00 | Oslo, Norway

NRC welcomes you to the half-day conference "Behind borders and walls: ensuring internally displaced people are not left behind".

Not since World War Two have more people been forced to flee conflict and disaster. But while the global community focuses on asylum policies and border control, a critical aspect of the global displacement crisis remains overlooked. The number of families fleeing their homes and seeking refuge within their own countries remains persistently high and for many life-saving assistance and protection are insufficient and out of reach.

This year's displacement conference will highlight the plight of those who flee without crossing international borders in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Colombia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and South Sudan. Panellists will explore the obstacles that hinder access to assistance and protection for internally displaced people – waning attention, insufficient operational responses, and weak institutional protection frameworks – and seek opportunities to better boost national capacities and addressing gaps.

Experienced field workers, practitioners and decision-makers will convene in two panel sessions, and we invite the wider audience to engage in the discussions. 

A detailed agenda can be found here

We look forward to seeing you in Oslo on 24 April.

If you can’t make the conference but still wish to attend, you can watch the event live on Facebook.


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