Read caption Children living in Harasta, Eastern Ghouta, flock to school to catch up on years of missed education. Despite all they have been through, these children are happy to be back to school. This school houses 725 children, with parts of it completely destroyed and others badly damaged. Photo: Karl Schembri/NRC

Syria: 11.7 million people in need of assistance

Ten years into the war the scale of humanitarian needs across Syria remains overwhelming. Among the forcibly displaced, 2.1 million children have been denied access to learning opportunities due to displacement, active conflict, and school closures.


According to the United Nations Fund, two of every five schools have been damaged and destroyed. Manal, a 35-year-old teacher in Syria, recalls teaching in a bombed building where classrooms lacked windows and doors and debris was scattered throughout. For Manal’s son in first grade, the damage was a reminder of the war—each day he cried in protest of returning.

NRC is one of only a few agencies operating across all of Syria against this backdrop of intense conflict. In addition to our other life-saving services, we focus on providing children with a quality learning environment. This means renovating damaged buildings and equipping classrooms with desks and learning materials. After NRC renovated Manal’s school building, she was happy to report that her son’s spirits lifted, each day looking forward to school.

In Syria, we helped provide: 

  • 95,884 people with education
  • 64,677 people with food security
  • 66,273 people with shelter
  • 95,613 people with legal support
  • 264,209 people with clean water

With your help—together—we deliver these kinds of durable solutions that build a sense of security and restore hope in the future.

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