Read caption Kasaï-Central province in DR Congo was the centre of an armed conflict that displaced 1.6 million people. Today the region is relatively calm and people are returning home – but many find their houses destroyed. Photo: Itunu Kuku/NRC

Home is where the hope is

Losing one’s home and community is devastating. That’s why providing shelter and settlements support is one of the foundations of NRC’s humanitarian assistance for people who have been forcibly displaced.

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We provide not only physical safety, but also return a sense of normalcy to those who have fled conflict, since both save lives and build hope in the future. 

Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Tromsø, Jon-Håkon Schultz, led the development of NRC’s Better Learning Program, which helps children deal with stress and trauma. Having worked in refugee camps in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, he underscores the key message gathered from communities there: having a home and community are vital to recovering from the enduring effects of conflict. 

In having a home away from home, people gain back their routines, security, and build friendships. It returns structure to their lives. And importantly, it creates hope for the future.  

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With your help, NRC is grateful to provide lifesaving assistance to people around the world. Read more about our Shelter and Settlements work here.

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