Give a gift that saves lives!

For the 82.4 million people forced to flee persecution and conflict, every act of generosity counts. Amid violence, a prolonged pandemic, poverty, and climate change, people’s ability to survive has been tirelessly tested.

As we entered 2021, more people were displaced from their homes globally than ever before. These are families, children, and older people, simply trying to hold on against all odds. What do they wish for? It’s often the simple things – a warm blanket, fresh clothes, a stove, or the opportunity to attend school – that go the farthest.

This November 30th is Giving Tuesday – a global day of generosity that has galvanized hundreds of millions of people like yourself to show kindness and share joy by giving to others during the holiday season.  

We invite you join the movement and support people forced to flee their homes with a life-saving gift.

Donate to our life-saving work around the world.



It hurts to freeze. Give a family protection against the icy cold.

Several of the countries where we work, such as Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq have cold winter weather. Many children and families are forced to spend the winter in tents, sheet metal huts or houses without windows.

For $30, a whole family can have warm blankets to protect them from the cold.



Displaced children are the most at risk.

Give these little ones a better start to life. Children are innocent victims of adult wars. The Norwegian Refugee Council helps them feel safe, providing kits with the things they need and helping mothers to care for their little ones. Older children receive schooling and support to process bad experiences, as well as clothes and protection against the winter cold.

For $40, displaced children can get a better start to life.


Donate to our life-saving work around the world.


Where does the money go?

Our gifts that save lives are genuine examples of NRC's work. We always use the money we collect where it is most needed, regardless of location or politics.

We provide life-saving help such as clean water, food, shelter, warm blankets and clothes. We also operate large refugee camps, set up sanitary systems to prevent epidemics and provide schooling to displaced children. We help young people to learn a craft so that they can get a job and manage on their own. And we provide free legal assistance and information to displaced people. Our aim is not only to help people to survive but also to provide support so they can build a new future.

In 2020, we provided assistance to almost 12 million displaced people worldwide.

We control all the aid ourselves and give it directly to those who need it most. More than 90 percent of NRC's income is channeled to our work with people forced to flee. Your contribution will make a difference!