Read caption Shazia washing her doll in a settlement in Kabul. “I wash my doll and her clothes because there is disease spreading we’ve been told,” says Shazia after attending a Covid-19 awareness raising campaign by NRC staff. “I have to wash it without detergent as we don’t have it. It won’t get clean this way but it’s better than nothing.” Photo: Enayatullah Azad/NRC

Help stop the spread of coronavirus

The number of people fleeing war, conflict, and persecution has risen for the eighth year in a row. In addition, a new threat has emerged: Covid-19. The fate of nearly 80 million people is on the line. And there is no time to waste.


Refugees and internally displaced people are especially vulnerable to Covid-19. Good hand hygiene and social distancing are not easy, and often impossible, in settings where shelter, health services, water, and soap are scarce. And in many countries, shielding the elderly is also not an option.

Contributions like yours allow us to reach and help people, whose lives are at risk from both conflict and Covid-19. By supporting this fund, you provide us flexible funding so we can:

  • scale up our work related to water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities
  • provide information on virus risk and preventative measures to avoid it
  • ensure ​life saving services, such as food security, shelter, protection, education, and legal support, remain available to those who need it most.

Together, during this unprecedented time, we can stand and say, Solidarity does not stop at our borders.

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