2019 will be another year of crisis

At the start of 2018, 68.5 million people were displaced by war and violent conflict. There is little evidence to suggest that we will see this number decreasing in 2019.

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Rape as a weapon of war

Quiet, cheap and scarily efficient:

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Syrian refugee girls - married at the age of 13

Child marriage is a global phenomenon, but the number of young girls forced to marry at a young age is higher among families that have been forced to flee their homes. During the time you’ll spend reading this article, 230 more girls under 18 will have been married off.

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Reaching more communities in crisis

Our annual report for 2017 shows how we expanded our work and were able to help more people than ever before.

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Child soldiers - The number of child soldiers in the world is inreasing - almost half of them are girls.

In some countries, as many as 30 to 40 percent of child soldiers are girls. Norwegian researcher Milfrid Tonheim recounts her meeting with some of them.

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We do not bungee in from helicopters

How we really reach displaced people in the world’s most dangerous places

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Yemen Crisis - survivors int the rubble

Having returned to Norway from war-tornYemen, NRC’s Becky Bakr Abdulla recounts her impressions from one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, a country experiencing daily bombings and a complete economic collapse.

Meet the survivors in the rubble