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31. mai 2016
Humanitarian conditions inside the Iraqi town of Fallujah are rapidly deteriorating as fierce fighting intensifies. Families who have escaped surrounding villages told the Norwegian Refugee Council of the city being attacked from three different directions, leaving little safe routes through which civilians can evacuate.
Civilians urgently need safe passage out of Fallujah
31. mai 2016
“Families are calling for help. We just want to leave the city, we just want to leave it,” says Um Ahmed (40) in a rare phone conversation from inside the Iraqi city of Fallujah.
Cries for help from besieged Fallujah
24. mai 2016
Faced with a humanitarian system in crisis, world leaders, donors and humanitarian agencies meeting at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul this week need to deliver real change. Here are five graphs to explain why:
Five charts show the humanitarian system is in crisis
25. mai 2016
The Iraqi town of Fallujah has been under siege from airstrikes and shelling for the past days, with up to 50,000 civilians believed to be trapped inside. Less than 100 families have escaped the besieged city since military operations to retake it began on Monday.
Fallujah: “People say they are starving to death”

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Thousands forced to flee North-Western Colombia

NRC is currently responding to a recent and increasingly massive displacement departing Choco, in North-western Colombia.

Reaching the most vulnerable?

The Lake Chad Basin is today’s Africa’s fastest growing displacement crisis with approximately 2.6 million people displaced as a result of Boko Haram related violence. The region is also experiencing acute humanitarian challenges with approximately 9.2 million people in need of urgent assistance.

A record number of internally displaced

Conflict, violence and disasters internally displaced 27.8 million people in 2015, subjecting a record number of men, women and children to the trauma and upheaval of being forcibly displaced within their own country.

Record-breaking assistance

A historically high number of displaced people in Syria and the neighbouring countries in the Middle-East, were assisted by NRC in 2015.

No safe routes for civilians trapped inside Fallujah

As military operations to retake the besieged town of Fallujah continue, thousands of civilian families are trapped in the fighting with no safe route out, the Norwegian Refugee Council warned today. The lock-down for civilians trying to flee continued last night with no more families confirmed to have safely reached o...

Children’s nightmares of war

Since the 2014 Israeli attack on the Gaza strip, more than 100,000 children in Palestine have received psycho-educational support from NRC, helping them mitigate trauma symptoms and significantly reduce nightmares.

Four key challenges affecting the entire humanitarian sector

In collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, NRC just finalised a 6 month internal study on Donor Conditionalities. Among the findings, there are four significant sectoral findings that we believe are relevant for the entire Humanitarian Sector.

Our commitments at the World Humanitarian Summit

Read our commitments to help the world's most vulnerable people, written as part of the first ever World Humanitarian Summit.

The drought has taken away everything

Ever since Abdi was born, 43 years ago, the wet and dry seasons, locally named Gu and Jilal, used to follow one another in a predictable manner. But, over the past five years, Abdi has only witnessed Jilal. The Gu has completely disappeared.

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