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18. juli 2014
As Israel expands its military operation “Protective Edge” to include a ground offensive, entering the Gaza Strip on the evening of 17 July, a humanitarian emergency is rapidly unfolding within a pre-existing humanitarian crisis.
A Crisis Within a Crisis: Humanitarian Emergency in the Gaza Strip
14. juli 2014
NRC calls for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups, urging all parties to put an end to the spiral of violence against civilians.
NRC calls for an immediate halt to violence against civilians by all parties
23. juli 2014
Three years ago today, a famine was declared in Somalia. During the famine, 260,000 lives were lost to hunger, malnutrition and disease. Aid agencies today caution, again, that the signs of a drought are re-emerging in Somalia and urge for these not to be ignored in order to avoid a relapse into the conditions of the 2011 catastrophe.
Somalia famine, three years on

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Why civil registration matters in conflict and post conflict situations

Civil documentation is a priority area for NRC’s ICLA programmes. Registration with civil authorities allows for individuals to receive birth and marriage certificates, national identity cards, and other important civil documents.

Displaced women’s HLP rights debated at UNHCR’s yearly Consultations with NGOs

During the recent UNHCR Consultations with NGOs held in Geneva in June 2014, NRC hosted a side meeting about displaced women’s housing, land and property (HLP) rights.

33.3 million people displaced in 2013

IDMC´s Annual Report 2014 shows a staggering 33.3 million people was displaced in 2013.

Responding to displacement needs in Khost following military operations in North Waziristan

In recent weeks, the major military offensive against militants in North Waziristan, Pakistan, has forced over 100,000 people to flee their homes and seek shelter across the Afghanistan border in Khost and Paktika Provinces.

Education cannot wait

NRC pledged to enable one million children to access education in fragile and conflict affected states by 2017 at the Education Replenishment Conference in Brussels.

Capoeira brings music and dance to Azraq Refugee Camp

Capoeira as a way to escape current harsh living conditions for Syrian refugees.

Highest displacement figures since World War II

The number of displaced persons worldwide has reached a record high 51.2 million, and continues to increase. “Immense human suffering is hiding behind the numbers”, said Secretary General Jan Egeland Friday, calling for world leaders to rise to the challenge and seek political solutions.

51.2 million people were displaced at the beginning of 2014

51.2 million people were displaced at the end of 2013. This is the highest number recorded since the refugee crisis following World War II.

Northern Mali risks becoming forgotten protection crisis

Over 18,000 people have been displaced by recent fighting in northern Mali, bringing the total number of internally displaced to over 151,000.

ASIA AND OCEANIA - The Syrian conflict dominates the picture

The civil war in Syria has caused the most serious humanitarian crisis and the greatest flow of refugees in this century, affecting the entire Middle East region.

AFRICA - More people displaced

Africa is marked by a number of serious conflicts, and in several countries the situation dramatically worsened in 2013.

AMERICA - improved economy, more violence

The Colombian conflict, drug violence and climate change are the main causes of displacement in Latin America.

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